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The Classic Fluffernutter Sandwich Recipe at MyDish

The Classic Fluffernutter Sandwich

By Marshmallow Fluff

Do what the Americans do and indulge in an original Fluffernutter sandwich, a rich combination of Marshmallow Fluff and Peanut Butter, between two slices of fresh, thick bread!

The Worlds Healthiest Sandwich Recipe at MyDish

The Worlds Healthiest Sandwich

By mustard

This delicious lunch time feast is perfect for anyone watching their weight as it weighs in at a mere 358 calories, yet is satisfying thanks to its fibre and protein content.

Halloumi and Avocado Sandwich Recipe at MyDish

Halloumi and Avocado Sandwich

By cheesus

Warm Halloumi, fresh rocket, creamy avocado and tasty little bites of sundried tomatoes. I could eat this sandwich every day and never ever want for anything else.

Apple Peanut Butter Sandwich Recipe at MyDish

Apple Peanut Butter Sandwich

By sandhirarecipes

The little charming apple sandwiches are delicious. Simple and impressive sandwich are healthy and a great snacks with combination of different flavors of sugar.

Crayfish & Rocket sandwich Recipe at MyDish

Crayfish & Rocket sandwich

By Prawn Lover

Have a break, Have a Crayfish & Rocket.This sandwich will please everybody, from the one who eats like a bird to the one who eats like a horse.

Cheese,bacon and Avocado Sandwich Recipe at MyDish

Cheese,bacon and Avocado Sandwich

By food_lover

A really yummy, fairly high calorie warm sandwich which contains one of your 5 a day at least. A nice change from the boring normal sandwich

Victoria Sandwich Recipe at MyDish

Victoria Sandwich

By the have-a-go cook

A easy to make cake that is delicious when filled with fresh cream and strawberries. A Valentine favourite when made in a heart shaped tin

Grilled Sea Bass Sandwich with Sriracha Mayo Recipe at MyDish

Grilled Sea Bass Sandwich with Sriracha Mayo

By Food Geek

Today I’m sharing the grilled sea bass sandwich with you (fresh fish, part 1). It’s a whole get-your-hands-messy meal on its own.

Cheesy Apple Sandwich Filler Recipe at MyDish

Cheesy Apple Sandwich Filler

By Martha1

This is a great filler for kids school packed lunch - in fact i usually make extra as my husband loves it too!

Holly Sandwich Cake Recipe at MyDish

Holly Sandwich Cake

By Truffle Hound

I got this old holiday recipe from an out-of-print recipe book called Bestway Cookery Gift Book.

Displaying 10 of 53 matches