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Johnson's Family Treacle Tart Recipe at MyDish

Johnson's Family Treacle Tart

By hi fi

Johnson's Family Treacle Tart. My Mums family's version of a classic british dish!

Buttermilk Scones Recipe at MyDish

Buttermilk Scones

By couteaux

Easy recipe for scones - a great British treat. Don't forget your clotted cream and jam of choice.

Bread Pudding Recipe at MyDish

Bread Pudding

By couteaux

Just like Mum and Nana used to make.... a classic British pud. You owe it to your kids to introduce them to this classic dessert.

Scrummy Fish Pie Recipe at MyDish

Scrummy Fish Pie

By Helgs

We use to have fish every Friday at my Grandparents house - I have never been a big fan of fish but Mama's fish pie was to die for - Creamy with lots of cheese.

Beef Pot Pies with Yorkshire Pudding Crust Recipe at MyDish

Beef Pot Pies with Yorkshire Pudding Crust

By John H Glen

These were a great hit in Palm Springs especially during a sport special when Lord Hanson and his friends would have them served in the sports room.

Lancashire Hotpot (Astro's) Recipe at MyDish

Lancashire Hotpot (Astro's)

By John H Glen

Lancashire Hotpot is probably the most famous dish to come from our home county and as you can see in this recipe, it is incredibly simple and straightforward to make, while almost every household wil

Cottage Pie Recipe at MyDish

Cottage Pie

By couteaux

This tasty pie can be packed full of veg and bulked out with pulses.

Beef Wellington Recipe at MyDish

Beef Wellington

By carol savage

My best British dinner party dish

Steak and Kidney Pie Recipe at MyDish

Steak and Kidney Pie

By John H Glen

A time-honoured British dish that takes a little preparation time, but is mouth-watering in the finish and a really welcoming dish.

Displaying 10 of 13 matches