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Herbes De Provence (provençal Herbs) Recipe at MyDish

Herbes De Provence (provençal Herbs)

By John H Glen

Provençal cuisine has by tradition used many herbs, which were often considered collectively as "Herbes de Provence,” but not in any exacting recipes, and not sold as a blend. Herbes de Provence can b

Aioli (blender Recipe) Recipe at MyDish

Aioli (blender Recipe)

By John H Glen

Probably the most famous garlic sauce of all is Aioli, the golden garlic mayonnaise of Provence Aioli packs a powerful punch, and makes a perfect partner to all manner of things, apart from vampires,

Fougasse Recipe at MyDish


By Love baking

A really easy loaf to make, with only an hour to rise - you can have freshly baked bread ready to eat within an hour and a half. What's more, it is delicious and easily adaptable.

Bechamel Sauce Recipe at MyDish

Bechamel Sauce

By lizziep

This recipe is a much quicker and easier version of the classic bechamel sauce - you dont need to make a roux, just put all the ingredients in together and heat - it really works!

Skinny Lobster Thermidor Recipe at MyDish

Skinny Lobster Thermidor

By NikkiLovegrove

It's so amazingly decadent yet fabulously slimming, feels naughty but it's really good for you. My mum nearly cried when I presented it to her so I'd like to dedicate it to her x

Goats Cheese Pie - Torte Au Fromage De Chevre Recipe at MyDish

Goats Cheese Pie - Torte Au Fromage De Chevre

By Suzie Holmes

This recipe is one that I was taught while living in France - it comes from the Sancerre region (Bourgogne) - and even those who claim not to like Goat's cheese love this dish :)

Ladybird Chocolate Truffles Recipe at MyDish

Ladybird Chocolate Truffles

By GingerNut_16

Loads of fun for kids/for you to do for your kids. I made bear truffles for my friends and didn't know what to do with the rest of the mixture. Then this idea just came to me...

Chouquettes Recipe at MyDish


By Love baking

Great little treats, both warm & cool. Choux pastry puffs sprinkled with sugar. Can also add chocolate or nuts. Use the same recipe, minus sugar, for eclairs and profiteroles.

Cheats' Garlic Recipe at MyDish

Cheats' Garlic

By NikkiLovegrove

My grandmum's next door neighbor, Mrs. Singh, used to tell my mum about this, but my mum never tried it. I don't know how I ever coped without it after the first time I made it!

Warm Beef Salad with Two Mustard Dressings Recipe at MyDish

Warm Beef Salad with Two Mustard Dressings

By lucy

Authentic French warm beef salad from the Blason de Bourgogne Bites recipe portfolio. Perfect with a fresh bright crimson wine like Blason de Bourgogne Hautes CĂ´tes De Beaune.

Displaying 10 of 278 matches