Cupcake Recipe

Cupcakes, also known as fairy cakes in some parts of the world, are popular amongst adults and kids alike. Generally cupcakes take the form of an individual cup sized cake, intended for eating by one  person. Cupcakes are usually covered with icing of various colours and flavours as well as in pretty decorations like various kinds of sprinkles.  Originally cupcakes were baked in cups but today most of us will use specially designed baking tins or  cupcake liners made from paper or aluminum.

Cupcakes are generally quite easy to make and recipes can be very similar but the difference is in the cupcake recipe method and the additional individual flavourings and the toppings we may choose to add. Most fans of the humble cupcake will have their own favourite recipe that they have perfected over the years or have one that has been handed down to them by their mum or grandmother.

We have lots and lots of basic cupcake recipes, as well as more complicated ones, here on Mydish with detailed instructions on how to make cupcakes. If you like chocolate then this lovely Molten Chocolate Cupcakes recipe is for you. If you prefer a more healthy alternative, try this Carrot Cupcake with Cream Cheese Icing or Banana Cinnamon Cupcake recipe. We also have some fun novelty cupcake recipes which are great for children"s parties, like this Spider Chocolate Cupcakes. Whatever your preference have a good look around the site for some terrific inspirational cupcake recipes.... you are bound to find one or two that take your fancy.


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