Chicken Recipes

Chicken is a lean and healthy meat with a light flavour that lends itself well to so many chicken recipes. There are so many ideas for your home-cooked chicken that can liven up your recipes ideas whilst still providing a nutritious and economical family meal.

Different cuts of the chicken suit individual recipe ideas, whether it be chicken breast recipes or chicken drumstick recipes. Chicken thigh recipes make a tender choice when cooked in chicken curries and stews and whole chicken recipes are perfect for your Sunday roasts.Try out home-made chicken kievs or parmesan chicken which taste great with salad or some creamy mash for some comfort food. Easy chicken recipes can be made in minutes with simple chicken stir-frys and salad being a fantastic summer alternative.

For an Asian twist try out our chicken and sweetcorn soup or roast chicken for your family dinners. For a tasty alternative feast on pesto and mozerella stuffed chicken.