Chinese recipes

Chinese Recipes

Chinese food relies on a delicate combination of flavours honed over thousands of years to acheive the perfect yin and yang balance of the cuisine that we enjoy so much today.

Chinese recipes are a prevelent part of the British diet, replicated at home and enjoyed in restaurants throughout the country through the most commonly eaten Chinese chicken and Chinese noodle recipes alongisde vegetarian Chinese recipes such as soups and stirfrys.

Chinese soup recipes are a popular choice in restaurants and are generally made from a clear and flavoursome broth and meat and vegetables such as chicken and sweetcorn soup and wanton soup.

Easy Chinese recipes can be enjoyed at home without being high in fat and salt.Using fresh meat and vegetables cooked in a little oil and accompanied with rice means you can enjoy healthy Chinese recipes such as chicken and broccoli stri fry and fish with ginger. Lighter dishes such as fish and seafood are frequently steamed in Chinese cuisine so providing you choose carefully a low-fat Chinese recipe is always available.

Deep fried Chinese fish balls with dipping sauce