Curry Recipes

Curry is hugely popular in the UK and many of us try to recreate them at home and we have plenty of recipes for curry that you can try.

We have a huge selection of different easy chicken curry recipes including chicken korma and chicken Tikka.  Of course chicken curry does not only  refer to Indian chicken Curry but also Thai chiken curry which has become increasingly popular more recently.  We have a great recipe for Thai red curry pastewhich uses the sweet and fiery paprika ingredient.  The paste is quick to make, easy to store and great to use as a base with coconut milk.  Thai green curry uses green curries as well as a combination of ingredients such as Kafir leaves and lemon grass.

Other popular variations on a curry recipe include beef curry, lamb curry, fish curry and vegetable curry such as Butternut squash curry.

If you’re looking for an authentic curry recipe that is homemade, or a curry recipe that"s quick and easy, MyDish can help: