Fish recipes

Fish is a healthy recipe idea that can be cooked in a variety of ways for a low fat and healthy meal.

With so many to choose from fish can be cooked according to the occasion and personal preference. Monkfish is a meaty fish with a light flavour that is complimented by stronger flavours such as pancetta and olives. Try wrapping it in panchetta or parma ham and grilling.

Trout recipes are another low fat meal idea; the fish is lighter in texture than monkfish and taste delicious when baked in the oven in tin foil to hold in moisture. Try this Barbecue Trout with a Ginger and Lemon Glaze recipe as a perfect example of a perfect and delicious Trout Recipe.

There are many diferent ways to cook your fish, depending on the type, and baked salmon recipes is a good place to start. Stronger tasting fish such as sardines taste delicious when grilled and are a fantastic accompaniment to salads.

A firm favourite must be the Fish Pie which is traditionally baked in the oven with a mashed potato topping. Spicy Fish Stew is also a popular favourite and if you like your fish with a bit of a spicy kick to it you should have a look at this Fish and potato curry.