French Recipes

French food has long been hailed as high quality cuisine with a range of delicious recipes using strong flavours and the finest ingredients. French recipes have evolved over centuries, with many French dishes having their origin at banquets and amongst the aristocracy.

Traditional French food usually involve meat such as pork, beef and game combined with creamy sauces flavoured with herbs. French food typically rejects complex recipes which is good news for those looking for easy French recipes to try at home.

Some famous French recipes include French Onion Soup and Duck a l"orange although the cuisine differs according to the region. Gammon and ham are popular in Champagne, as well as the much enjoyed drink. Seafood such as crab and lobster is eaten in Brittany where there is a steady supply of fresh seafood. In central France meat such as game, lamb, beef and chicken are eaten alongside fruit preserves to bring out the flavour of the meat.

French dessert recipes are delicious and some favourites include Creme brulee and creme caramel, quick and tempting recipes to try at home.

Try this Pain Perdu which is quite similar to French Toast but better. So simple and quick to make and is perfect for a French Style Breakfast in bed or a relaxed French Style Brunch with friends.