Fruit Recipes

Throughout the 20th century, increased travel meant that our fruit horizons were widened, and as well as the much loved apple and strawberry, more exotic fruits such as kiwi and papaya were added to our fruit baskets. The response of the culinary community has been a whole range of fruit recipes, including fruit salad recipes, fruit cake recipes and many more fruit based dessert recipes. The 21st Century has also seen a rise in popularity of the smoothie with an associated rise in the number of fruit smoothie recipes.

With so much choice, contributing towards your five-a-day has never been so exciting, whether you start your day with a fruit based muesli, snack on a fruit salad throughout the day or treat yourself to a fruit dessert after dinner, there is a fruit recipe to suit everyone, with plenty of options to keep the kids healthy and happy. After all an apple a day keeps the doctor away!

Fruit Creme Brulee

Fruit Cake Recipe

Healthy Fruit Snack for Kids

Fruit Smoothie