German Recipes

Traditional German recipes tend to be hearty warming food with strong flavours. Rich stews, tasty sausages and delicious pastries and strudels are amongst the classic dishes Germany is famed for.

Goulash soup is a traditional German soup resembling a stew and made from minced beef, potatos and vegetables in a tomato sauce, served with sourdough or rye bread. Weinerschnitzel is another German speciality and is typically a fillet of veal brushed with egg white and covered in breadcrumbs before being fried and served with lingonberry sauce and potatos. Perfect winter comfort food!

But we cannot forget the sweeter delicacies Germany has to offer; German chocolate and German cookies are of the finest quality. Lebkuchen are soft gingerbread cookies flavoured with honey, almonds, hazelnuts, cloves, candied orange and marzipan and covered in rich German chocolate. If you have room why not try some stollen cake or a flaky apple strudel served with custard, a tasty way to sample the finest German dishes.

Apple cake

German cheesecake

German potato dumplings