Gluten Free

Celiac sufferers will know that finding suitable gluten free recipes is not the easiest thing in the world. Here on Mydish we have some lovely gluten free recipes that our users have submitted. For example, here is a link to a fabulous Soda Bread which is made with Rice Flour. Sure it is a little more difficult to work but it is very tasty. Did you know that by using Xantham gum in your baking (available from most health food stores) it is possible to replacing some of that elastic quality in bread which is generally lost when using gluten free flour.

The great thing is that as awareness of gluten free diets has increased, so has the availability of gluten free products. Most of the main supermarkets will now stock quite a wide range of pasta and noodles that are gluten free. This has opened the door to greater experimentation as many of the dishes that we may have previously considered a big “No No”, are now quite easy to make with a gluten free alternative. For example, don’t forget that Chinese Rice Noodles are generally gluten free as are the noodles made from buckwheat. So simply replace the standard ingredients with these in may of our recipes and you will have invented a perfectly suitable alternative.

Here are a few gluten free recipes for you to cook and enjoy. Please do add a few of your own and share them with others on the Mydish Community: