Greek recipes

Greek food in general and specifically Greek food recipes are extremely popular on mydish. Traditional and modern Greek cuisine uses plenty of fresh fish, meat, feta cheese, olives and vegetables such as aubergine and courgette. Greek desserts use plenty of nuts, honey and filo pastry, sharing characteristics with the Persian baklava.

Greek Meze is a name for a collection of smaller dishes eaten as part of a main meal with flatbreads or pitta bread. Typical Greek food includes hummus (houmous), tzatziki, and stuffed vine leaves called dolmadas.

Some traditional Greek food to try at home include moussaka, a savoury main meal made with layers of aubergine and cheese and spanakopita, spinach and feta cheese filo pie. Greek kofta kebabs and stuffed peppers are healthy Greek recipes using plenty of vegetables and lean meat.

Greek lamb recipes come in the form of stews and are flavoured with spices and apricot and enjoyed with flatbread or rice. Greek lamb kleftiko is a classic greek dish, a slow-cooked moist lamb combined with herbs and vegetables, the name is said to mean stolen meat.

Also try this lovely Greek Pork Kebabs Souvlaki made of small cubes of pork meat and vegetables grilled or BBQ on a skewer.