Indian recipes

Indian Cuisine is known for its sophisticated and subtle use of many spices and herbs. Indian food consists of some of the most diverse cuisines in the world and is characterized by a wide assortment of dishes and cooking techniques. Many of the Indian Curry recipes that we know and love today here in Britain are adapted from the origional recipes from different regions of India. In fact many traditional Indin Curry Recipes have been so anglisized that they are now almost unrecognisable as traditional Indian Curry Recipes and probably he best known of these is probably Chicken Tikka Masall.

A lot of Indian food is vegetarian. However, the main ingredient of many traditional Indian dishes include chicken, goat, lamb, fish, and other meats.

One of the most popular recipes here on mydish for Indian Curry is this Easy Chicken Curry. However The Ultimate Chicken Korma is also fantastic and not forgetting this Indian Butter Chicken. A great side dish to go with almost and Indian Curry is this delicious and easy to make Saag Aloo. If it is a great recipe for Indian bread to go with your curry then try either this Easy Naan Bread or this Puri Indian Flatbrea.