Japanese Recipes

Japanese food is a diverse and and healthy cuisine with complex flavours and using staples such as rice, fish, vegetables and soy.

In the last decade Japanese sushi has become hugely popular both in restaurants and as fast food but there is more to the cuisine than sushi; creamy katsu curries, crisp tempura,delicately balanced stir-frys and spicy soba noodles are just some of the delicacies on offer.

Vegetarian Japanese recipes are plentiful and include aubergine curries, pumpkin stews and flavousome rice recipes. Vegetable tempura is a dish often eaten as a starter and uses deep fried vegetables cooked with spices and a side dip. Japanese chicken recipes are popular with noodles; chicken soba noodles are a thick egg based noodle often cooked with soy sauce, vegetables and chicken or seafood.

Fish lovers are spoilt for choice with the delicious range of steamed fish and shashimi on offer, best enjoyed with soy sauce and wasabi for a Japanese high kick.

Japanese sesame tuna steak