Jewish Recipes

Jewish food recipes have evolved over thousands of years and been shaped according to dietary laws and festival and Shabbat traditions. Shabbat is the Jewish day of rest beginning at nightfall on a Friday and ending on Saturday at sundown. Traditional Jewish dishes are eaten such as chicken soup, Gefilte fish which is chopped fish made into balls and challah bread.

Jewish food usually falls into different categories according to the places Jews have lived throughout the years and their cultural influences. The cuisine shows the influence of the Middle East, Spain, Germany and Eastern European cooking styles.

Easy Jewish recipes to try at home include Lochshen pudding, a traditional Jewish dessert made with sultanas and spices or honey cake, the cake eaten on Jewish new year to symbolise the sweetness of the year ahead.

Much of Jewish cooking is rooted in religious tradition; challah bread, usually broken over a blessing to commence the beginning of a meal is made into circles for Jewish new year, Rosh Hashannah to celebrate the beginning of life.

Iced pishachio and poppy seed strudel