Lamb recipes


Lamb is a moist and succulent meat perfect as the base for so many recipes from lamb chop recipes to lamb curry and the traditional roast lamb recipes. Whether it be lamb mince recipes, lamb steak recipes or lamb shank recipes, there are a range of ideas to temp you into the kitchen.

Rack of lamb recipes are popular both in high end restaurants and cooked at home as part of a family meal. Roast lamb is delicious rubbed in garlic oil and flavoured with sprigs of rosemary and thyme. Serve with root vegetables for a quick and delicious Sunday dinner.Leftover lamb can be used in a lamb curry; the richness of the meat is perfect for a filling curry to be eaten with rice, naan or chaphattis.

Specific regions are famed for their lamb; both New Zealand and Wales are renound for their high-quality tender lamb, perfect for both those formal dinner parties or roast lamb recipes.

Apricot braised lamb shanks

Lamb tagine