Malaysian Recipes

Malysian cuisine is a delicate blend of sweet, spices and chilli and uses a variety of fresh ingredients. The main dish is often made up of rice accompanied with meat, seafood, vegetables, chilli and pickles. Fragrant rice is particularly popular with Nasi Lemak, or coconut rice being a commonly eaten dish served with fried anchovies, egg, peanuts, cucumber and a spicy chilli paste known as sambal. For a larger meal this is served with curry or a spicy meat stew known as rendang.

Indian style bread such as roti is eaten for breakfast and noodles are another food staple eaten for lunch or the evening meal. Malaysian noodle soups recipes are a delicious and light meal consisting of a clear broth with vegetables and chicken. Although often considered as being a spicy cuisine, the creamy mild flavour of coconut milk plays a role in many of the curries and stews.

 Malaysian desserts range from sweet porridge served with coconut milk to sugared yam and sweet potato cubes known as burbur cha cha and fresh fruit such as lychees, mango and star fruit.

Nan"s Malaysian chicken

Easy Malaysian chicken curry