Mexican recipes

Mexican Recipes

Mexican food is known for its variety of flavours, spices and colourful decoration from the likes of a fresh guacamole or fiery salsa to rich creamy refried beans. In fact after Chinese and Indian food Mexican food is said to be the most varied in the world. Mexican recipes are not generally complicated and have, in the main, been developed over many years into a cuisine that is a delicious combination of local cultural styles combined with a significant European influence.

Mexican food varies greatly depending on which region of Mexico you are in. However, there are also many similarities across Mexican cuisine in general. The most common vegetables used in Mexican food are corn, beans, rice, garlic and onions, followed by squashes and peppers, with the most frequently used herbs being chilli powder, oregano and cilantro.

Mydish members have collected many excellent Mexican recipes here on MyDish to share with you, including instructions on how to prepare and cook Mexican food in many different ways. Here is just a taster of some of the fabulous Mexican recipes on Mydish. Make this popular Mexican Fajita dish, which is really easy to make and tasty too.  Also try this popular Brie Quesadillas recipe it is great party food and prefect when you have lots of friends over and works really well served with lots of Nachos and a big pot of Chilli con Carne.