Mutton Recipes

Although seen less fequently in modern British recipes, mutton is still a delicious part of many diets and still highly popular in Indian cuisine in dishes such as mutton curry and the traditional mutton fry, consisting of moist and tender fried mutton eaten with rice and chapattis. Mutton is frequently used in biryani recipes as it has a stronger flavour than lamb and compliments the rice.

Shoulder of mutton recipes are a tasty option for a Sunday roast or family evening meal and mutton stews, mutton cobbler and pot roasts make for fantastic comfort food. Mutton is typically meat taken from a sheep that is over two years old and is often used in stews as it is slightly less tender than lamb meaning it can be cooked for longer to reach the perfect consistency in casseroles and stews.

Another benefit to eating mutton is that it is generally a cheaper cut than lamb making it a good budget recipe idea.