Pork Recipes

Pork is a lean and flavoursome meat that can be used for a healthy meal in a variety of ways, from pork chop recipes to pork steak recipes. Pork chops and pork steak are delicious when grilled with sage or accompanied with apple sauce and roasted vegetables. Grilling the meat allows it to retain its natural juices so that it remains tender. from pork belly recipes and pork chop recipes to pork fillet recipes, we show you tempting ways to cook your pork.

 As pork is a fairly light meat it can be used in stir fry"s without overpowering the flavour of the dish. Pork loin recipes are good idea for a luxurious meal or for a Sunday roast. Tenderloin, loin and belly pork are said to be the best meat for roasting, particularly when served with crisp pork crackling. A popular choice for parties and wedding is to have a hog roast, where an entire pig is roast on a spit and eaten with bread, apple sauce and side dishes. The origins of the tradition can be traced back to medieval times and have seen a fashionable revival in recent years.

Roast pork with spiced plums and cajun-spiced wedges

Pork with lentils

Roast pork hotpot

Marinated pork fillet roasted on rhubarb

Pork belly butterbean stew