Crepes Filled With Griottines and Caramel

A truly inspirational combination - crispy crepes layered with Griottines and topped with flambed hot Griottines juice and Kirsch.


To make the batter, mix all the ingredients together. Leave to rest for 2 hours in a cool place. Meanwhile, chop half the Griottines and soften them in 2 tablespoons butter. Cover and cook for 3-4 min. Add a pinch of cinnamon. Reserve in a warm dish.

Make a dozen crêpes and keep them warm.

Gently melt 1 tablespoon butter in a frying pan. Over a gentle heat, cook the sugar syrup to a caramel. Before it hardens, pour it over the cooked Griottines. And mix. Fill one half of each crêpe with this mixture, roll or fold them into 4 in the pan, and sprinkle with sugar.
Heat for a few moments. Arrange the crêpes attractively on hot plates and decorate with whole Griottines. Flambé with hot Griottines juice and Kirsch.


Crepe Batter

Salt pinch
Milk 500ml
Light Beer 50ml
Caster Sugar 130g
Egg Yolks 6
Flour, Sifted 250g


Caster Sugar 6tblspns
Cinnamon pinch
Kirsch 2tblspns
Liquid Sugar Syrup 100ml
Butter 6tblspns
Jar Griottines 35cl
From 35cl Jar Of Griottines juice

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