Beef Wellington

My best British dinner party dish


1. Fry the beef on each side to seal it then set aside on a plate

2. Chop and Fry mushrooms and season to taste

3. Make 4- 5 small pancakes and set aside (Blend egg flour and milk together and coat the pan with the mixture and toss when golden brown) and then set aside to cool

4. Roll out pastry into a gross shape and then spread the pancakes on top of the pastry before putting the pate on top of the pancakes. (leave a bit for the top side of the fillet)

5. Put mushrooms on top of the pate leaving a bit for the top side of the fillet and then place the beef in the centre.

6. Spread the pate and sprinle remaining chopped mushrooms on top side of the fillet

7. Fold up the pastry and stick together the side by wetting your fingers and squeezing.

8.Decorate with some cut pastry and brush with beaten egg

8. Cook for 40 minutes in a hot oven (190 C)for rare roast a little longer if you like it more well done


Puff Pastry 1lb (450g)
Mushrooms (mixed Variety) 500g
Brussels Pate 4oz
Garlic 2 bits
Mixed Herbs a good sprinkle
Fillet Of Beef 2lb (900g)
Egg 1

For the pancakes

Egg 1
Plain Flour 1 cup
Milk 1 cup

Hints 'n' Tips

The pancakes were taught to Deborah Meaden by Giancarlo - this stops the pastry for getting all soggy!

Don't overcook it. You want the beef to remain juicy. Also you will find that the pastry will split across the top if cooked for too long.


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What is a gross shape?
whats a gross shape?
since when is beef wellington made with brussels pate?
I have eaten Beef Wellington MANY TIMES made with Brussels Pate, both in restaurants and at dinner parties, so I believe that to be correct.
Easy to make, enjoyed by all and not too much washing up - a success all round.
I am really glad you enjoyed it!
Carol cooked this for us when we first met, years ago and I knew exactly where to find this recipe so I hope I can relicate Carols fab dish love sharon xx
forget the pate, make the mushrooms as normal but add finely chopped black pudding instead and make sure the pastry joint is on the bottom and the pastry is not too tight this way the pastry wont crack or split when it shrinks. top side works just as well as fillet is is half the price.
oh and use puff pastry not flaky
To be honest I have never made it with chicken - but it would be fun to experiment maybe with Chicken breasts...sorry I dont have an answer but please let me know how it turns out! Carol
Made this on the weekend and it was polished off in minutes - fab recipe! thanks
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