Fresh Sea Bass With Ginger and Spring Onions

A simple recipe which takes no time to make and is perfect for a warm summer evening


1. Thoroughly wash fish.

2. Mix spring onions, garlic and ginger together and season with salt and pepper.

3. Stuff centre of fish with mixture and then sprinkle coarse black pepper and sea salt over the skin.

4. Wrap fish in greaseproof paper and then once again in tin foil.

5. Place on a baking tray in the centre of a very hot oven 250 for approximately 25 mins.

6. To prepare the sauce, place soy sauce in a pan, mix in the sugar and heat until all the sugar has dissolved and the mixture has a thick syrupy consistency.

7. When the fish is cooked, remove from the foil and paper and serve on a bed of oven-roasted vegetables. Drizzle with the sweet soy sauce and garnish with lemon or lime wedge.

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Having friends round for evening meal, have never cooked this before so lets hope all goes well!!!!
How did it go? I've got some friends round for supper next week and this is a possibility! Tips and hints would be appreciated....

very simple and easy to cook and tasted fantastic. one little tip let the sauce cool slightly to allow it to thicken up. Good luck....
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