Candlebridge Bakery Exquisite Rum & Vanilla Cream Xmas Truffles

This is a beautiful smooth ganache filling which when set, you can take a large tablespoon & roll into balls and roll them about in nuts,coconut, cocoa powder and icing sugar


1. First of all we begin with preparing our "Bain Marie" (pronounced Ban Mar-ee) by taking an oversized cooking pot and filling it half way up with water and place an upside down saucer or dish on the base of your pot. Switch your dial to medium heat, about 6-8 on your hob.

2. Next, we take a glass pyrex bowl and sit it on top of the saucer and wait for the water to begin to heat.

3. Now, break up the white chocolate into squares and drop them into your glass pyrex dish and using a spoon, stir it around gently until it all starts to melt and is lovely and creamy and smooth.

4. Now, add the cream and stir in gently and blend it in really well and then add your desired flavouring, in my case, a teaspoon of good alcoholic rum and stir that through.

5. Now, remove the glass pyrex dish from the bain marie and test your chocolate "tempering" by seeing if it has coated the spoon and is beginning to set (this is how you know you've done it right!)

6. Leave aside to cool and then transfer to the fridge for about 2 hours.

7. Remove the Rum & Vanilla Cream truffle mix from the fridge and perform a little test run by take a tablespoon of the mix and putting it between your hands and rolling it into a ball shape, if you find it's too soft, then leave the mix for another 45 minutes and try again!

8. In the meantime, take out a few empty mixing bowls and in each one decide on your topping! You can choose from sweetened coconut, cocoa powder, melted chocolate (melted over a bain marie!) and then dipped in another topping, sprinkles or blitzed nuts! Be creative! Another thing you could do would be if you had those little tiny truffle cases (mini cupcake paper cases) you could use them to support your creations and really enhance your truffles. Make a gift of three in a little gold presentation box and make gifts of them to friends and family or likeminded chocoholics.

9. If you would like to test run another truffle and see if your mix has chilled enough for you to scoop out with a large tablespoon and then roll it between your hands into a ball and into your desired toppings! Just have fun and then do ten laps around the garden!

** Original Recipe by L. Shannon, The Candlebridge Bakery & Soup Kitchen. Nov 30th 2010 **
** Disclaimer: One takes no responsibility if one becomes slightly addicted to these!

Hints 'n' Tips

** Star Tips **

a) When it as the "pour" stage, you can pour this into chocolate shell moulds as if you were making Easter Eggs and seal with beautiful foil paper and wrapped in a bright yellow bow, you could then decorate a basket filled with white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate eggs, for the grown ups!!

b) You could substitute the white chocolate for milk or dark chocolate

c) You could substitute rum liquer for rum essence, vanilla or strawberry or brandy, the choice is yours!


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