Molly's Egg and Bacon Salad

Bacon and eggs are not just for breakfast, try them this way for a starter or brunch its a very tasty dish


Cut the slices of bread into a ½-inch dice, unless grilling, if grilling, keep the slices whole.
If using soft hard-boiled eggs, then simply quarter them, the ingredients calls for 4 to 6 eggs, however four should be enough, on the other hand six eggs will obviously give six quarters for each portion.
The bacon can now be pan-fried or grilled until crispy, if pan-frying, use just a dot or two of the oil, any fat content will be released into the pan from the bacon, this will also happen if grilling. Either method you choose, keep the bacon fat for frying the bread afterwards.
Once cooked, remove the bacon from the pan and keep warm.
Now add the bread and fry until golden and crispy, it might need a little extra oil to get a golden finish.
If the bacon has been grilled then just brush each slice of bread with the fat from the bacon, and toast, at this time the bread can be diced.
Season the salad leaves with salt and pepper (it’s advisable, when making salads, to sprinkle salt in the bowl and not directly on the leaves, this will stop the salt from falling on to wet leaves and sticking in lumps). Add the red wine vinegar, just enough to coat the leaves, and the olive oil.
Cut the bacon into strips and mix into the leaves, with the spring onions and fried or toasted bread.
Arrange on four plates or offer as one large salad, the hard-boiled egg quarters can now be seasoned with salt and pepper and positioned amongst the salad leaves.
For the poached eggs, re-heat in simmering water for 1 minute before placing on top of the salads.

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