Spondon Ale Cake

This is a recipe from Janet Arthur's book "Derbyshire Cookery" As it uses ale you can choose your favourite beer, stout or cider for flavour.


Steep the fruit in the ale overnight.
Beat the butter and sugar together and mix in the beaten egg.
Sieve the dry ingredients into the mix and stir well.
Strain off the ale, add the fruit and stir well.
Pour the mix into a greased loose bottom tin, and bake for 1 hour at 350F and 1 hour at 325F.
Allow to cool, turn upside down, prick the bottom of the cake and pour in more ale and allow to soak in before serving.


Strong Ale Or Stout 0.5 pint
Walnuts Or Almonds 0.25 lb
Mixed Fruit 1 lb
Mixed Spice 2 level tsp.
Plain Flour 12 oz
Eggs 4
Brown Sugar 8 oz
Butter 8 oz

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