Chicken and Pasta Bake

So easy and so delicious


1. Put the pasta on to boil.

2. Chop up and fry the peppers, chicken, spring onions, mushrooms.

3. Drain the pasta, mix in the tomato sauce

4. Season to taste.

5. Mix in all the chicken and veg from the frying pan.

6. Put in an oven dish (two medium sized dishes are better than one big one)

7. Break up the mozzarella and scatter over the top.

8. Bake for 15-20 mins at 180 C, or 350 F or Gas Mark 4 until cheese is bubbling and golden brown on top.

9. Serve with some warm garlic bread.

A) You can start with uncooked chicken or adapted the recipe to use bits of ready cooked chicken. In which case just add the cooked chicken last at STEP 2 i.e. when frying the peppers, spring onions and mushrooms - so you dont overcook.

B) You can easliy make the tomato and herb sauce yourself by using a can of pealed tomatoes and herbs (I do) or Passata comes in cartons usually found near tinned tomatos in supermarkets. It is normally flavoured with Basil or Garlic and is quite thick.


Fusilli Pasta 500 g
Mozzarella 2 medium lumps
Mushrooms small punnet
Tomato And Herb Sauce a jar
Spring Onions bunch of
Yellow Pepper 1
Red Pepper 1
Chicken Breasts 4
Salt And Pepper to taste
Lea Perrins good slug

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I tried this at home and it was excellent. Compliments to the original chef!
Thanks Saga Team glad you liked it. I agree this is a lovely and easy dish and v. popular with the grandkids. By the way, this was a dish that my mum would cook often as a "midweek special"
I am going to try this recipe tonight. Sounds lovely. My kids adore pasta and chicken so it should hopefully be a success. I'll let you know what we think.
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