Goats Cheese & Beetroot

A cheesey starter that is really simple to make, but impresses every time!


- place a handful of rocket onto a side plate per person
- chop the beetroot into thin strips and place on top of the rocket
- toast a slice of ciabatta per person
- cut the goats cheese in half, so that you have a circle per person
- place the goats cheese onto the ciabatta slices and put a pinch of oregano onto each cheese round
- grill on a medium to high heat until goats cheese is molten
- place cheese & ciabatta onto the beetroot & rocket & serve immediately


Goats Cheese Rounds 2
Pickled Beetroot 12 slices
Rocket Washed And Dried handful per person
Ciabatta Breads 1 slice per person
Oregano pinch per person

Hints 'n' Tips

Always good to get a good ripe goats cheese, if you cut through the round & it is already partially molten all the better! (or leave it in the fridge for as long as you can resist it - personally I find the longer out of date the cheese is the better!!


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