Easy Chocolate Chip Cookies

A typically American style cookie - baked to create a chewey cookie


1. Blend butter and sugar
2. Add the egg
3. Fold in flour and dry ingredients
4. Add chocolate chips at the end
5. Roll into a sausage shape and put in a clean bag and store in the fridge
6. Slice cookies from the sausage and cook in the oven (170) for 10 mins - or a little longer if you like the cookies more crunchy

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I made these and they were really good - i added a sprinkle of oats to make the dough drier and it made it taste really good - and then we cooked them! (only a few left)
Hi Tom - so delighted you enjoyed them - the oats are a good idea - I'll give that a go next time I knock up a batch.
Just added 2oz of porridge oats and white choc chips - my kids rated them 11 out of 10!
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