Easy Peasy Biscuits

Crunchy and very easy biscuits to make - with a little hint of ginger - kids love them!


In mixing bowl, mix all ingredients together until a soft dough is achieved.

Lightly roll in your hands walnut size pieces of mixture and place on oven tray.

Flatten slightly with fork and bake for about 20 minutes at 180c - until golden brown in colour.

Carefully remove and place on wire cooking tray.


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You would be surprised how easy these are to make and so yummy tasting.
I just made these biscuits and they're fab!so easy to make,and simple ingredients,cheers!x
Everything is summarise into the last comments, simple and delicious!
Really easy & really delicious!!! YUMMY!!!!
Today I made these with my 17 month old son. We added broken White chocolate buttons to the mix.
So easy, quick and perfect to do with kids.
His little mates enjoyed them too.

Good recipe, tasty crumbly biscuits. I had to turn the temp down though, maybe my oven is stronger.
yum yum
Made these with my children and used different shaped cutters. They also decorated them with icing pens and silver balls when they were cooled. So easy and delicious!!!!
made these the other day, very good simplicity to taste ratio! next time i make them ill probably whack a bit more ginger in tho, not that its not enough tho, especialy if kids are having them, tis perfect! ( i just really like ginger)
this recipe is based on an old 18thC.recipe called snickerdoodle cookies made with cinnamon instead of ginger
great quick recipe!
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