Scottish Tablet

A traditional Scottish sweet, served to me as a wee lad by my granny in Glasgow.


1.Grease a tin.

2. Place all the ingredients in a large saucepan and heat until the butter has melted and sugar has dissolved.

3. Bring the mixture to the boil. It is important to stir continuously at this point so the mixture doesn't stick to the bottom of the pan.

4. Bring the mixture down to simmer for approximately 10 minutes. The mixture should be thick and the colour should have turned from white to caramel.

5. Take the pan from the hob and place it on a heat resistant surface for about 5 minutes.

6. After the 5 minutes beat the mixture really hard. At this point it will start to set.

7. Before the mixture sets, use a wooden spoon to transfer it into the prepared tin. You will find it sets almost straight away.

8. Before it has completely set, cut the tablet into bite size pieces and leave it to cool and set hard for 5 minutes.


Water 170ml/6 floz/three quarters cup
Condensed Milk. 3½ tablespoons
Butter 60g/2oz/one quarter cup
Granulated Sugar 500g/18oz/2 cups

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This looks scrummy is it supposed to be smooth or crumbly?
Looks yummy, What size of tin would this go in? Thanks
Hi Tintin, I made your Scottish Tablet but it turned out like toffee - i've never been able to make crumbly fudge - please tell me the secret to getting it right
Yes tell me too, When making Fudge it always turns into a sticky toffe mess. I love the crumbly fudge and cannot find it anywhere to buy.
Hi Carol, humble apolgies I hadn't realised that questions were coming in against my recipe.

The Tablet is meant to be crumbly and the secret to ensuring that it doesn't go sticky is in getting the heat right and making sure you beat it really hard.

I hope you will have another go. It is well worth it.

Cheers, Chris (a.k.a. Tintin).
Hi, I find pouring my tablet mix into paper cake mould work a treat, once set, looks very proffesional, if you peel the paper off before serving.
Just got back from a week in Scotland, which reminded me about how much I loved the tablet my Gran used to make. Looking forward to giving this a go!
mine is in fridge cooling looking good thanks for recipe
my first effort was almost right but sure i will nail it next time thanks for the recipe
This is one of the best Scottish Tablet recipes I have found
The secret to successful fudge and tablet making is beating it hard, I use electric beaters. The idea is to make it crystallise which creates the crumbly texture. If you don't beat it, then it stays toffeeish and doesn't really set properly. Soft ball is the right temperature to boil it to. Lovely recipe, will try it soon.
My gran's recipe is very like this with the addition of a good slug of vanilla essence or even mint on occasion. I assume that's sweetened condensed milk is that right.
I often make fudge (my South African mum's version) and she says to keep cooking it until it starts to crystalise on the side of the pot in which you are constantly stirring the fudge. It does result in slightly darker fudge but it works. I have read about beating it well to get it to crysalise, so am going to try making my normal fudge, but taking off earlier and beating it really well. Will let you know if it sets. It would be great as it is so boring stirring for so long. WIll also try your recipe. Thanks.
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