Summer Courgette Soup


This is a great summer recipe especially if you have ots of home grown courgettes.

Start with the croutons by roughly chopping the crusty bread into small cubes the sprinkle on oven tray an toss in olive oil and any other flavours (garlic, chilli infused oil etc), then place in oven for 1 hr 30mins at 120 degrees.

1. melt the butter or margarine and gently cook the chopped onion and garlic until becming soft.
2. add the 1cm by 1cm cubed courgettes, the chopped basil, salt and freshly ground black pepper, gently cook until courgette is nice and soft.
3.Add the vegetable stock and 200mls of milk, cook for 10mins then add the chopped parsley and parmesan.
4. Cook gently for 30-40mins
5. separate 2/3 of the soup and blend in the food processor then return back to the pan and add further stock or water until it is at a consistency you like.
6.Cook gently until all the flavours have developed.
7.To serve sprinkle the croutons on top in each bowl, balance a courgette flower on top and a scattering of freshly grated black pepper and grated parmesan......
8.....yummmmy and we hope you ejoy this one lots!

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Hi, I hope you don't mind but I have linked to one of your recipes on my blog posting. You can see it at
Hi, I hope you don't mind but I have linked to this recipe on my blog posting. You can see it at
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