Mince & Tatties

For a healthy option, try using low fat mince or quorn.


Peel the potatoes and carrots.
The mince should be browned in a frying pan over a medium heat along with the chopped onions. Remove from the heat and drain any excess oil, if used.
Add the chopped carrots.
Add the stock / gravy mixture and return to the heat. Bring to the boil and then turn down the heat and gently simmer for about thirty minutes.
Make your mashed potatoes as normal. (a small amount of milk and butter or margarine is normally added before mashing the potatoes).

If you are using a mealie (white) pudding then add it at the boiling and simmering stage. It should remain intact and cook thoroughly but if you like the taste of white puddings mixed in the mince then split the skin and stir into the mince mixture.

Once the mince is cooked, serve with the mashed potato and any additional vegetables. Oatcakes or a separate helping of skirlie makes mince and tatties a great Scottish dish

Many people also like to add dumplings to their mince and tatties.

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