Curly kale salad with spicy Harissa tofu

Healthy salad with healthy kale, ginger dressing and spicy tofu


1. Preheat the oven grill to 190 degrees.
2. Drain tofu by placing it on the kitchen towels and putting something heavy on top for approx. 15 min.
3. Cut the tofu into 8 chunks and cover with Harissa.
4. Bake it on the over tray for approx. 25 min making sure you turn the tofu from time to time to bake evenly.
5. Let it cool before serving.

1. Start with preparing kale by breaking or cutting the leaves from the stalk. Wash in the cool water and chop.
2. Cut whole cabbage in half and again into quarters. Remove the steam and slice into thin strips, then again cut all slices horizontally to shorten them.
3. Cut radishes into quarters, making sure you remove all green parts.
4. Slice baby courgettes and red onion into thin slices.
5. Mix all ingredients in the bowl and add 1/4 of the prepared earlier ginger dressing. The remaining 1/4 of the dressing use before serving. Remember you will only need 1/2 of the dressing which you prepared earlier.

1. In the food processor combine all ingredients and mix them well.

2. This recipe will provide you with two serving so keep the dressing covered and store it in the fridge. Shake well before serving.

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