Avocado mash with oily fish - only 225 calories (serves 2)

A healthy, filling choice for a lunchtime snack, delicious with pumpernickel bread


Carefully choose a ripe. but not over-ripe avocado.

The test is to feel the flesh just move under light pressure when you squeeze. I tend to buy avocados on the day I will eat them. They are not known for keeping for days on end unless you purposely buy one which is nowhere near ripe.

Wash the avocado, dry it and lay it on its side on a non-slip chopping board. Take a sharp vegetable knife. Run the blade all around from the top where the stork was, to the bottom and back up to the top. Now twist each half in opposite directions and you will find that the pit is sitting in one half.

Carefully put the tip of the blade into the pit (the author accepts no responsibility for accidents!!) and twist to yank the pit out. Dispose of the pit.

Cut each half of the avocado in half again. Slide the blade between the skin and the flesh as if you were skinning a fish. You will find that the peel comes away easily, leaving the green and yellow flesh intact. If the flesh looks a grey colour, the avocado is probably a bit over-ripe. Repeat with the other three sections.

Mash on a plate. Season with a little lime juice and black pepper if you wish.

Open a can of your preferred fish. I choose one in tomato sauce. Place neatly on top of the avocado for attractive presentation.

Choose your own salad or other toppings.


Hints 'n' Tips

Half an average sized avocado has around 115 calories.

Half a 125g can of mackerel in tomato sauce has around 100 calories.

I like this dish because it is filling and low in sugar.


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