Marks Winter Vegetable Stew

Warm Winter Veg Stew


Start by chopping the Onion and adding to the frying pan with the sugar, olive oil and salt and pepper. Add the butter and fry until onion begins to golden.

Chop the Bacon into strips and ad to the pan. Then slice and ad the mushrooms with the garlic and chilli and mix all together on medium heat.

After 10 mins, peel and slice the vegetables into chunk sizes and begin to ad them into the mixture on the pan. Ad the peas at this stage.

Once mixed together ad the 3 tablespoons of flour and mix into the vegetables.

Reduce to low heat and ad the stock.

I use 1 Pint of Beef, 1 pint of Veg and 1 pint of Ham stock, however you can use what you prefer.

Once this has cooked slowly together for 15 minutes, remove from hob and transfer to caserolle dish and ad to oven on 170 degrees for between two and to and a half hours, checking and stiring every half an hour.

Once cooked remove and serve into soup bowls and serve with thick crusty bread.

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I have made this dish four times now and I thought it was only fair that I post on here to say how delicious it is. I thought the bacon, chilli and mushroom added richness and a little bit of fire to the sauce. Fantastic, highly recommend it.
Have made this a few times now - and past the recipe onto a friend. Had to tweek it a bit as I am a veggie so left out the bacon and made the stock vegetable only. Really tasty and my children and grandchildren love it. Thanks Mark.
Super yummy!
Fantastic - this recipes is yummy. Forget using soup as a starter, this will fill you up for sure for the whole meal. Meaty, tasty, can not say anymore. Loved it.
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