Spanish Recipes

Traditional Spanish food is heavily influenced by seafood and the flavours of Spanish cuisine differ according to region and climate. Popular foods include beans and stews with some famous Spanish dishes like Spanish Omlette, made with potatos and of course the classic paella. Paella recipes can be made with or without seafood but traditionally contain shellfish such as crab, lobster, musells and prawns and use rich spices such as saffron.

Spanish tapas recipes are enjoyed in restaurants around the world and are a meal made up of many smaller dishes such as calamari, Spanish meatballs and Spanish omlette. Making your own tapas is a good way of trying out several dishes and many are simple Spanish recipes to re-create at home.

In terms of starters, Gazpacho is probably the most famous Spanich soup recipe. Gazpacho soup is very easy to make and is traditionally served cold. It also has the added benefit of being very healthy and refreshing and prefect for a hot summer"s day.

Spanish Main course dishes include Spanish Lamb which is very easy to make and great for a dinner party or Spanish Style Chicken or Mussels with Spanish Green Olives.

Spanish desserts are usually sweet and light, sometimes containing fruit. Some less healthy alternatives are churros; small sugar donuts eaten with melted chocolate or this delicious Creme Catala discovered while on a recent trip to Barcelons by one of our Mydish Members. Healthy Spanish desserts include pears in red wine or baked aplles with spice.