5 sweet dumpling recipes

When you think of dumplings and if you are like me, you mostly think of mince and suet dumplings. But dumplings don’t have to be savoury; this list is for those who enjoy sugary sweet delights in dumpling form. 1 – Apple and lemon rind dumplings These soft little dumplings are flavoured with lemon rind […]

5 tasty mince and dumpling recipes

Mince and dumplings are a firm favourite with not only family’s but can easily be cooked for one. You might think that the recipe can be boring, but it is exactly the opposite. By adding spring onions, ginger or even opting for a meat-free version, you can bring mince and dumplings to life. Here we […]

5 Quirky Mince and Dumpling Recipes

Looking for something hearty and comforting to make to warm your soul on a cold night? Mince and dumplings can fill you up through and through, giving your belly a hug from the inside. And as delicious as mince and dumplings can be though, sometimes it’s just a tad predictable. Nothing wrong with that, buuuuuuuut…sometimes […]

10 Foods Made Better with Sriracha

The world is undeniably in love with sriracha, the spicy red chilli and garlic sauce of everyone’s dreams. Although it made its way out of Asia in the 1980s, it seems to have suddenly gained popularity everywhere, seemingly overnight. It’s easy to see why. Take an ordinarily delicious dish and watch it become extraordinarily sensational […]

8 Awesome Espresso Cocktail Recipes

When coffee and alcohol join forces, it’s a match made in heaven!, so here are 8 cocktail recipes that combine espresso, liquor and even liqueur for a cup of pure indulgence. Nothing beats a nice hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning. Or as a pick-me-up mid-morning. Or right after lunch. Or as […]

Avid tea drinkers

The book offers its readers a warm insight into all that is needed to be known for us tea guzzlers, from its origins, and its makers, to quirky brewing facts from around the globe. Although it’s density may seem daunting, a modern type face, kitsch illustrations and quality photographs aid our journey to becoming tea connoisseurs.

8 Interesting Chutney recipe Ideas

Chutneys are an amazingly varied array of sweet, tangy or hot condiments. They originally hailed from India as a type of preserve as an alternative to the subcontinent’s scarcity of sugar.  Today, chutneys, by and large, all contain spices and chilli but then their recipes can veer off to practically include any fruit, vegetable or […]

Is Sweet Stevia really sugar free?

Artificial Sweeteners; this is where health conscious dieters come in. How do we get the sweet taste without the calories? Artificial sweeteners like aspartame and saccharin have been around since the early 1900s and mid-1960s respectively and both are calorie free, highly sweet chemicals that are used as food additives and in products such as Canderel.

Top 10 Slow Cooker Recipes

Slow cooking has come back into its own as a low-energy, low-cost method of preparing a tasty, hot meal. Originally a 70s tool for the suburban housewife, the slow cooker has gained in popularity and is no longer seen as a retro piece of kitchenalia. With time-poor, cash-poor working people, this method of cooking allows […]