5 tasty mince and dumpling recipes

Mince and dumplings are a firm favourite with not only family’s but can easily be cooked for one. You might think that the recipe can be boring, but it is exactly the opposite. By adding spring onions, ginger or even opting for a meat-free version, you can bring mince and dumplings to life.

Here we present five deliciously different mince and dumpling recipes to break on

through to the other side.

1. Beef and spring onion dumplings with fiery tomato chutney

Nepalese dumplings are called momos and give a different flair to this beloved meal. The beef and spring onions sing with ginger flavor, giving it a sublimely authentic taste of Asia.


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2. Spicy quorn and mushroom dumplings

Go for big, bold Asian flavors in a meatless way with a vegetarian option. The quorn, which adds more texture and absorbs that rich mushroom taste, makes for a perfect filling. And the dipping sauce adds that zing that makes this dish even more crave-able.

mushroom dumplings

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3. Moroccan mince and herby dumplings

Lamb mince and ground cumin give this version of the classic a Middle Eastern spin. Soft and puffy dumplings with fresh chopped coriander are ideal for soaking up every saucy bit.

herby dumplings

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4. Slow cooker beef stew with dumplings

Here’s one that you can take all the credit for but let the slow cooker do all the work. Beef and vegetables simmer up in seasoning’s while the only real thing you have to do is whip up the dumplings about midway through the cooking time. Then, just chuck them into the slow cooker until they’re the perfect dumpling texture!

beef stew and dumplings

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5. Sausage and herb dumplings

This is a hearty little dish for a cold night and great for the kids too. With ingredients like this, you will likely have them all in the cupboard already. A couple of tins of baked beans, some sausages and onions. We hope you like it.

sausage and herb dumplings

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