5 sweet dumpling recipes

When you think of dumplings and if you are like me, you mostly think of mince and suet dumplings. But dumplings don’t have to be savoury; this list is for those who enjoy sugary sweet delights in dumpling form.

1 – Apple and lemon rind dumplings

These soft little dumplings are flavoured with lemon rind and sweetened with caster sugar. This old fashioned dumping recipe includes dripping and butter to give it’s unmistakably rich texture and taste.

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2 – Czech fruit dumplings

Traditional fruit dumplings from the Czech Republic the dough made with cottage cheese, fresh yeast and milk. The dumplings fillings a mixture of strawberries, plums and icing sugar. They are an exquisite sweet treat for children or adults.

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3 – Veggie apple dumplings

This dish is made with nutter suet and around 6 cooking apples. Unlike the first apple recipe, this recipe does not include animal by-products such as beef suet or dripping so that it is safe for a vegetarian dessert.

apple dumpling recipe

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4 – Microwavable clootie dumpling

A clootie is a spicy sweet dessert, and so this recipe calls for cinnamon, mixed spices and fruit and treacle or golden syrup to sweeten.

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5 – Grannys scotch dumplings

Traditional sweet Scottish dumplings filled with sultanas, currants and mixed fruit and spices. These little sugary gems are baked using beef suet to give them a fuller heavier texture.

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