Avid tea drinkers

Tea Pigs - The Book Of TeaCalling all avid tea drinkers!

When I first settled down with a cuppa to indulge in Louise Cheandle and Nick Kilby’s book of tea, I did wonder how much more there is to know about Britain’s favourite drink, other than who pours the milk in first and who has it the strongest. But with its inviting aesthetic and diverse facts, I as a passionate drinker became even more intrigued. This colourful hardback now holds a proud place on the coffee table as a fun read for visitors and family alike.

The book offers its readers a warm insight into all that is needed to be known for us tea guzzlers, from its origins, and its makers, to quirky brewing facts from around the globe. Although it’s density may seem daunting, a modern type face, kitsch illustrations and quality photographs aid our journey to becoming tea connoisseurs.

So whether you ever wanted to learn about traditional tea ceremonies, or which country tops the charts for the biggest drinkers, Impress your flatmates with your unusual facts, you’ll be set for any pub quiz going!