How Aquaponics will save Great Britain

Earlier this year the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership released a sobering report that warned of an increasing arable land shortage for feeding our population. In 2030 there will be 70 million people living in the UK and a prospective deficit of 2 million hectares of productive farmland. There are many reasons why our current […]

Get Popped! It’s the 40th Anniversary of Popping Candy

Back in 1957, research chemist William Mitchell patented Pop Rocks. And, in 1975 to the amazement of the public, this fizzing, popping and mouth-tingling sensation was introduced in the States. After some abortive attempts at marketing, the product spent time in hiatus as problems such as its short shelf life and unauthorised redistribution damaged its […]

Dandelions – the Foodie Gardener’s Friend

The poor dandelion gets a lot of bad press. They’re either ruining someone’s lawn or sprouting up through gaps in paths. But to those foodies in the know, dandelions are a blessing in disguise. The young leaves are nutritious, tasty with a bitter hint and are ideal as salad greens.   Dandelion Nutrition Dandelions are […]

A Foodie’s Guide to 10 Vegetables used in Japanese Cuisine

Given the chance the adventurous foodie in us all would jump at preparing meals from an international cuisine. Whether for a personal challenge or an attempt to recreate meals from holidays, it’s never been easier to source the unusual ingredients. Let’s find out about the most popular vegetables used in Japanese cuisine and what they […]

5-fish fish cake recipes

The fish cake is a very versatile food, much like a croquette, the fish cake is a potato patty mixed with one or various fish and bread crumbed, battered and fried. The original fish cakes were made up of leftovers of potato and salted fish like haddock or cod. Modern fish cakes now use variety […]

5 stress busting teas you can make at home

Disclaimer: If you’re allergic to pollen, you might consider chatting with your doc before taking any herbal teas. Also the following tea might make you sleepy so avoid operating any heavy machinery. Tea has been a favourite drink of the British for centuries with around 56% of us enjoying a tea with our morning tweet, […]

Would you eat 3D printed meat?

Imagine for a second that you feel hungry, it’s getting late and you can’t be bothered to cook anything, you walk up to the device next to the refrigerator in your kitchen say the word “beef burger, medium rare” and in 2 mins a perfect burger appears. What you are imagining is a world where […]

Would you eat your dinkelbrot in public?

What the hell is a dinkelbrot? you cry  “Well it’s rather similar to a dampfnudel only in that it is a bread. Yes folks in this article we shall explore the rising world of global breads and the unique names that befit them. Bread is one of the most simple and widespread foods on earth, […]

Eating the Worlds Hottest Curries

Us British love our Indian food, hot, mild, chicken, lamb or veggie we cannot get enough. Infact we love it so much that In 2001, British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook declared that “Chicken Tikka Massala was a true British national dish. Our adoration for curries and alike that stimulates the senses has been with us […]

5 Terrifying Foods

Food is one of those things we turn to if we feel bad for comfort or when we feel happy we might celebrate with our favourite food. But what happens when food turns against us, what happens when the food we eat makes us feel sick or maybe even make us extremely ill. The Ackee […]