Millions of parents admit they ‘rarely’ cook with their children, according to a study.

Researchers who polled 2,000 mums and dads of kids aged four to 12 found one fifth hardly ever team up with their kids to rustle up a tasty dish, if at all.

Another fifth admit they NEVER encourage their children to cook with them – while more than a third believe their kids have no interest in cooking whatsoever.

Worse still, a quarter of parents don’t rate their kid’s cooking abilities and claim they are ‘not very good’ in the kitchen.

Despite this, seven in 10 mums and dads think cooking helps them to ‘bond’ with their child.

While 87 per cent admit it’s important to learn to cook from a young age because it teaches kids to become independent in later life.

The survey was commissioned by Barbie, who have recently launched a range of cooking-themed toys and partnered with Celebrity Chef and TV Presenter Angellica Bell to get children interested in cooking.

Angellica said: “Cooking was always such an important part of my childhood, and I was shocked to see so many children aren’t confident in the kitchen and are unable to create basic dishes.”

The research also found half of mums and dads think their child is no better at cooking than they were at the same age.

While three quarters don’t think their little ones would have a clue how to cook a family meal by themselves.

It also emerged 77 per cent of kids can make just five dishes or less.

But the lack of ability in the kitchen largely comes from mums and dads failing to teach their children basic cooking skills.

The study, conducted via, shows well over six in 10 parents haven’t thought to teach their little ones how to scramble, poach or even boil an egg.

The simple task of crushing garlic will be lost on eight in 10 kids, while a further 59 per cent won’t be able to use ANY of the gadgets in the kitchen.

Measuring and weighing food items – something which should also be covered at school as well as at home – is also completely alien to 54 per cent of kids.

But on the odd occasion children DO make it into the kitchen, four in 10 love to bake cakes or bread, and a further third are interested in producing desserts for the family.

For the average primary school child, mum is considered to be the main cooking inspiration, but poor old dad doesn’t get a look in.

And modern children are more likely to look to YouTube or the television than school for a bit of help or advice in the kitchen.

Angellica added: ”I love cooking with my own children, so it’s great to have partnered with Barbie to encourage cooking from a young age; and how developing these key life skills helps children to gain independence and have most importantly, have fun!”

A Mattel spokesperson said: “After finding that 87 per cent of parents think cooking teaches kids independence, we are thrilled to have partnered with Angellica Bell to inspire young children to cook, and help educate them in the kitchen through learning fun new skills.

* To find out more search #YouCanBeAChef.

1. How to poach an egg – 83 per cent
2. How to crush garlic – 83 per cent
3. How to cook meat – 78 per cent
4. How to strain boiled food items – 77 per cent
5. How to scramble an egg – 76 per cent
6. How to melt chocolate – 67 per cent
7. How to cook pasta – 62 per cent
8. How to boil an egg – 61 per cent
9. How to use kitchen gadgets – 59 per cent
10. How to measure / weigh food items – 54 per cent

1. Mum
2. TV
3. YouTube
4. Recipe books
5. School
6. Dad
7. Grandma
8. Celebrity chefs
9. Social media
10. Grandad

Kitchen confidence is low in Britain, with a quarter of Brits not able to confidently boil an egg, new research from the UK’s leading recipe box service HelloFresh has found.

The survey, which involved 2,000 adults, found that Brits were most comfortable chopping an onion and baking a potato. More advanced kitchen skills were most problematic, with just 19% of Brits able to confidently butterfly meat. Almost three quarters struggle with julienne slicing and around two thirds have trouble peeling ginger.

This lack of kitchen confidence is having a knock-on effect on the types of meals Brits are rustling up. Brits feel most confident cooking tried-and-tested favourites from scratch without a recipe, such as sausages and mash, beans on toast and spaghetti bolognese. Chicken is the most common ingredient used when cooking at home, while cheese features in dishes more often than veggies like carrots and broccoli.

The average British chef’s mental cookbook contains fewer than six meals, with just four in 10 Brits knowing more than nine recipes. As a result, home cooks are rotating the same recipes each week, as their lack of kitchen confidence holds them back from cooking up new dishes.

49% of Brits would not describe themselves as a good cook, with 30% citing a lack of culinary education. A quarter said they weren’t a good cook because they lacked the confidence to try new recipes, while 21% admitted to cooking the same meals because they are afraid of getting new recipes wrong.

It seems British people are ready to expand their kitchen skills and confidence; 62% believe they would eat better if they knew how to cook more meals from scratch.

CEO of HelloFresh UK, Claire Davenport, commented: “Learning to cook new dishes can be easy with a little help. HelloFresh’s recipes are developed by our chefs, and are tried and tested so we know they work every time. Customers build on their culinary confidence – learning to cook over 150 recipes every year, using a variety of flavours from across the globe and easy-to-master cooking techniques.”

“We portion and pack all the fresh quality ingredients customers need, pop in step-by-step recipe cards and deliver everything to their door ready for them to cook and enjoy.”

Top 20 meals Brits can cook from scratch:

1. Sausages and mash
2. Beans on toast
3. Spaghetti bolognaise
4. Boiled egg and soldiers
5. English breakfast
6. Roast dinner with vegetables and gravy
7. Omelette
8. Stir fry
9. Porridge
10. Tuna mayonnaise jacket potato
11. Soup
12. Shepherd’s/Cottage pie
13. Pie and mash
14. Pancakes
15. Chilli Con Carne
16. Lasagne
17. Baked salmon with vegetables
18. Spaghetti and meatballs
19. Toad in the hole
20. Macaroni and cheese

For the full survey results, visit:

As a student, cooking can be daunting. When you leave the comforts of your parents’ home-cooking, you definitely underestimate the amount of ingredients that go into a meal and how expensive it can be to fill up your cupboard. This doesn’t just include the food itself, but the base herbs, spices, and seasoning products you need to re-create your favourite curry need thinking about too. Alas, we lazy students can sometimes be put off experimenting with different dishes that aren’t Spaghetti Bolognese, or even worse… the infamous Pot-Noodle.
But fear not! It’s now time to throw the ready-meal away fellow non-cookers!

The lovely people at ‘Spice Almighty’ sent me a selection of their ‘Super Simple Spice Kits’ to try, they really do live up to their slogan. These dehydrated fresh spices really do make a meal, offering very minimal effort without compromising the authentic flavour. The selection I tried make beautiful curries, with names ‘Blisfull Balinese Fish Curry’ to a ‘Satisfying Singaporean Laksa’. You’d expect these kind of  recipes to be too complex to choose for a quick fix after a long day at the library, but the ingredients list on the back really does only have around four other components to make a cracking dish, thus not breaking the bank.

These kits retail at around £2.50, it’s really reasonable, in each pack there is a sachet of ground spices and a sachet of whole spices. serving 2-3 people. Another thing I love about this selection is that it’s really versatile, another student kitchen habit is having to be creative with minimal ingredients (or knowledge),  I wanted to experiment with the kits using only what I had in the cupboard. The ‘Joyful Japanese Spiced Coconut Vegetable Rub’ would obviously make a great veggie option, but I thought I’d try it with strips of chicken too, mixing peppers, tomatoes, red onion, butternut squash, and spinach with the chicken and cooking it all off with one of the spice packets. The meat stayed moist and tender, coated in the delicate heat of the spice blend and the creamy coconut flavour, the vegetables softened quickly absorbing the same taste.

The flavours are way more complex than i’d expected, ‘Spice Almighty’ have delivered in their effort to provide true Indonesian flavour, with no effort at all. The packets have a handy heat-indicator to let you know what level of spice each dish has to offer, making it super easy to mix it up and to suit everyone. My favourite kind of meals are the ‘chuck it all in and hope for the best’ kind, and with these affordable packets it’s always going to be a win, and you could always impress your flatmates with your new found ‘cooking’ skills!

When you think of dumplings and if you are like me, you mostly think of mince and suet dumplings. But dumplings don’t have to be savoury; this list is for those who enjoy sugary sweet delights in dumpling form.

1 – Apple and lemon rind dumplings

These soft little dumplings are flavoured with lemon rind and sweetened with caster sugar. This old fashioned dumping recipe includes dripping and butter to give it’s unmistakably rich texture and taste.

View apple lemon dumplings 

2 – Czech fruit dumplings

Traditional fruit dumplings from the Czech Republic the dough made with cottage cheese, fresh yeast and milk. The dumplings fillings a mixture of strawberries, plums and icing sugar. They are an exquisite sweet treat for children or adults.

View fruit dumplings

3 – Veggie apple dumplings

This dish is made with nutter suet and around 6 cooking apples. Unlike the first apple recipe, this recipe does not include animal by-products such as beef suet or dripping so that it is safe for a vegetarian dessert.

apple dumpling recipe

View apple dumpling recipe


4 – Microwavable clootie dumpling

A clootie is a spicy sweet dessert, and so this recipe calls for cinnamon, mixed spices and fruit and treacle or golden syrup to sweeten.

View clootie dumpling recipe

5 – Grannys scotch dumplings

Traditional sweet Scottish dumplings filled with sultanas, currants and mixed fruit and spices. These little sugary gems are baked using beef suet to give them a fuller heavier texture.

View Scotch Dumpling recipe

Mince and dumplings are a firm favourite with not only family’s but can easily be cooked for one. You might think that the recipe can be boring, but it is exactly the opposite. By adding spring onions, ginger or even opting for a meat-free version, you can bring mince and dumplings to life.

Here we present five deliciously different mince and dumpling recipes to break on

through to the other side.

1. Beef and spring onion dumplings with fiery tomato chutney

Nepalese dumplings are called momos and give a different flair to this beloved meal. The beef and spring onions sing with ginger flavor, giving it a sublimely authentic taste of Asia.


View recipe

2. Spicy quorn and mushroom dumplings

Go for big, bold Asian flavors in a meatless way with a vegetarian option. The quorn, which adds more texture and absorbs that rich mushroom taste, makes for a perfect filling. And the dipping sauce adds that zing that makes this dish even more crave-able.

mushroom dumplings

View recipe

3. Moroccan mince and herby dumplings

Lamb mince and ground cumin give this version of the classic a Middle Eastern spin. Soft and puffy dumplings with fresh chopped coriander are ideal for soaking up every saucy bit.

herby dumplings

View recipe


4. Slow cooker beef stew with dumplings

Here’s one that you can take all the credit for but let the slow cooker do all the work. Beef and vegetables simmer up in seasoning’s while the only real thing you have to do is whip up the dumplings about midway through the cooking time. Then, just chuck them into the slow cooker until they’re the perfect dumpling texture!

beef stew and dumplings

View recipe

5. Sausage and herb dumplings

This is a hearty little dish for a cold night and great for the kids too. With ingredients like this, you will likely have them all in the cupboard already. A couple of tins of baked beans, some sausages and onions. We hope you like it.

sausage and herb dumplings

View recipe



Looking for something hearty and comforting to make to warm your soul on a cold night? Mince and dumplings can fill you up through and through, giving your belly a hug from the inside. And as delicious as mince and dumplings can be though, sometimes it’s just a tad predictable. Nothing wrong with that, buuuuuuuut…sometimes it’s fun to take a walk on the wild side.

Here we present 5 deliciously different mince and dumpling recipes to break on

through to the other side.

1. Beef and Guinness stew with horseradish dumplings 

beef and guiness stew and dumplings

Ok, let’s be clear…nothing and I mean nothing, bad can ever come of marinating beef in Guinness. What a lovely way for beef to spend the day! Paired with the strong bite of horseradish dumplings, it is such a divine way to enjoy this dish, especially with a pint of


View recipe

2. Beef and chorizo with horseradish mash and rosemary dumplings

Beef and chorizo with horseradish mash and rosemary dumplings

When beef and chorizo laze about in red wine, it will always end well. The hit of fresh rosemary makes these dumplings the perfect accent to this savory meal.

View recipe

3. Mince and tatties with dumplings

Marmite mince and tatties with dumplings

Would you like mince and dumplings but don’t want to go through gobs of steps to get there? Then try this recipe which utilizes just 10 ingredients. It’s so simple that even kids can get in on the help here.

View Recipe

4. Semolina and saffron dumplings with root vegetable stew

semolina and saffron dumplings

For a rustic twist, these dumplings pop with the vibrant pulse of saffron, giving them a warm and golden color. Mint leaves accentuate the tastes in a most harmonious way.

View recipe

5. Salted beef brisket with suet dumplings

This simple yet elegant meal is perfect for impressing company. The dumplings, filled with suet, carrots, and celery, make a perfect complement to the melt-in-your-mouth brisket.

View recipe


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The world is undeniably in love with sriracha, the spicy red chilli and garlic sauce of everyone’s dreams. Although it made its way out of Asia in the 1980s, it seems to have suddenly gained popularity everywhere, seemingly overnight. It’s easy to see why. Take an ordinarily delicious dish and watch it become extraordinarily sensational by adding sriracha. If the Spice Girls formed today, they’d probably be called the Sriracha Girls.

Don’t believe me? Then take a bite out of one of these recipes that will surely have you declaring your own eternal love for sriracha from now on:

1. Grilled Sea Bass Sandwich with Sriracha Mayo
Sometimes, there’s nothing better than sinking your teeth into a sandwich that gets your face and hands messy. A big sandwich like this is the ideal place for sriracha. Fresh fish, especially sea bass, is sublime in its own right but the addition of sriracha to the mayonnaise gives it a brand new feeling, like you just discovered a whole new food group.

2. Sriracha Basil Popcorn
Spice up your snack time with this popcorn recipe. Sure, there’s butter, but it’s mixed with lime and sriracha. Garnished with basil for the finish, it gives an exotic twist to this snack staple.

3. California Eggs Benedict
When the best breakfast offering gets a kick of sriracha added to it, good things are bound to happen. The sriracha gives a nice boost to the creamy, lemony hollandaise sauce.

4. Honey Sriracha Beef Skewers
You can’t go wrong with meat on a stick. Especially when you add sriracha to it. Paired with the honey, it’s sweet and spicy heaven.

5. Chocolate Sriracha Ice Cream
It definitely sounds bizarre, but hear me out. It’s sweet and chocolaty with a pop of spice. If chocolate with hot peppers is a thing, then this is equally deserving of raves.

6. Sriracha Quinoa Bites
These tasty muffin-like bites are a healthy alternative to quiche. Gruyere adds a bit of depth while the sriracha gives these little bites a big bite of its own.

7. Miso Mushroom Pasta
Pasta night can get a little boring so shake things up a bit with this Asian-spiced alternative. Creamy portabella mushrooms, miso, sriracha and Greek yoghurt are definitely an unlikely team but they unite to make an unforgettable meal.

8. Sriracha-Glazed Chicken
This Asian-infused chicken dish can be made with wings or drumsticks and will definitely spice up any get-together. Sriracha and ginger give chicken the perfect zing.

9. Sriracha Deviled Eggs
Whether the chicken or the egg came first is irrelevant. What you should be asking yourself is why you’ve never dared to put sriracha into your devilled eggs before now.

10. Cocky Rooster
And while we’re on the subject of chickens and eggs, why not enjoy a refreshing beverage with your meal? Add sriracha to your lager-style beer for an Asian-ized version of Mexico’s michelada. After all, it takes a little heat to beat the heat.


When coffee and alcohol join forces, it’s a match made in heaven!, so here are 8 cocktail recipes that combine espresso, liquor and even liqueur for a cup of pure indulgence.

Nothing beats a nice hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning. Or as a pick-me-up mid-morning. Or right after lunch. Or as an opulent finish after dinner. It’s probably fair to say that coffee is good any time. And when you add some spirits into the mix, it makes coffee even more joyful than you ever imagined.

1. Patron Royal Coffee Cocktail
On the roster for the ingredients of this cocktail recipe, you’ll find dark chocolate liqueur, champagne and Patron XO Café. Although it sounds unusual indeed, the mix of coffee and tequila go surprisingly well together. Garnished with cocoa powder and coffee beans, it looks as decadent as it tastes.

Cocktail ingredients are – Patron XO Coffee Liqueur – 1½ Oz, Godiva Chocolate Liqueur – ½ Oz, coffee – 1 tsp,
whipped cream or vegan cream and shaved chocolate to garnish.

2. Chocolate Espresso Martini
Here’s a low calorie option that your guests will never suspect is a light version based on the rich flavor. It features Kahlua and vodka, but what makes it lighter is the use of skim milk and Canderel, making this sweet indulgence ideal even for the most health conscious.

Cocktail ingredients are – Kalhua – 1 Shot, Vodka – 1 Shot, semi-skimmed milk or soya – 3tbsp, cocoa powder – 1 Heaped Tsp, Canderel – 3tsp, hot coffee – 4tbsp and crushed ice.

3. Gaelic Coffee Syllabub
This one is like taking all the best flavors of the UK and swirling them together. The creaminess of a traditional syllabub mixed in with the strength of coffee and whiskey give you the most sublime blend of sweet and hard all in one mouthful.

Cocktail ingredients are – instant coffee (dissolved in milk or soya) – 1 heaped Tsp, light muscovado sugar -75g,
double cream or non dairy cream – 300 Ml, warm milk or soya – 1 Tsp, milk or soya – 75 Ml, whisky – 50 Ml

4. Godiva Chocolate Coffee Liqueur
With “Godiva” in the name, you know this cocktail recipe is going to be liquid love in a glass, don’t you? You simply cannot go wrong with any drink that calls for Godiva Chocolate Liqueur. And although it is adorned with whipped cream and shaved chocolate, don’t let that sweet visage fool you. It packs quite a wallop with Patron XO Café in there too. Serve this for dessert for the win.

Cocktail ingredients are – Godiva Chocolate Liqueur – 1 Oz, espresso – 1 Oz, candied orange simple syrup – ¼ Oz,
Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur – ½ Oz, steamed milk or professional soya – 3 Oz, milk or soya frothed – topped.

5. Pumpkin Spiced Irish Coffee
Make a chilly night warmer with this loveable concoction that features everyone’s favourite, pumpkin spice, mixed with vodka, espresso and cream. This one is easy to make vegan too, by simply using vegan cream which will no doubt impress your friends with dietary restrictions.

Cocktail ingredients are – pumpkin pie spice – 1 Tsp, espresso – 4 Oz, whipped or non-dairy cream – Garnish.

6. Coffee and Maple Martini
After a heavy meal, this light espresso cocktail recipe will be sure to delight. Coconut milk, maple syrup and coffee-infused vodka mingle together under a garnish of coffee beans for a wonderfully sweet finish.

Cocktail ingredients are – Purity Vodka – 3 Oz, coffee grounds – ½ Tbsp, coconut milk – 1 Oz, maple syrup – ¾ Oz, coffee bean to garnish.

7. Paradise Found Coffee Cocktail
For a hot summer night, this strong, silent type will give you the perfect chill. Spiced rum, butterscotch schnapps, cream and sugar dance in your glass of ice cubes, making your night come alive.

Cocktail ingredients are – spiced rum – 1 Oz, butterscotch schnapps – 1 Oz, cream – a dollop, sugar – pinch, whipped cream or non-dairy cream and a coffee bean to garnish.

8. Raspberry Truffle Cocktail
Raspberry always give such a royal feeling, taking something basic and elevating it to the upper echelon. Raspberry liqueur and coffee liqueur unite under a gorgeous blanket of whipped cream and chocolate shavings for an absolutely elegant finish to your evening.

Cocktail ingredients are – raspberry liqueur – ¾ Oz, coffee liqueur – ¾ Oz, whipped cream or dairy free cream and semi-sweet chocolate shavings to garnish.

You can find more cocktail recipes here

Tea Pigs - The Book Of TeaCalling all avid tea drinkers!

When I first settled down with a cuppa to indulge in Louise Cheandle and Nick Kilby’s book of tea, I did wonder how much more there is to know about Britain’s favourite drink, other than who pours the milk in first and who has it the strongest. But with its inviting aesthetic and diverse facts, I as a passionate drinker became even more intrigued. This colourful hardback now holds a proud place on the coffee table as a fun read for visitors and family alike.

The book offers its readers a warm insight into all that is needed to be known for us tea guzzlers, from its origins, and its makers, to quirky brewing facts from around the globe. Although it’s density may seem daunting, a modern type face, kitsch illustrations and quality photographs aid our journey to becoming tea connoisseurs.

So whether you ever wanted to learn about traditional tea ceremonies, or which country tops the charts for the biggest drinkers, Impress your flatmates with your unusual facts, you’ll be set for any pub quiz going!