The Top 10 Food Boards on Pinterest

If you love scouring Pinterest food boards looking for the most delicious food to inspire you, then this post will have you drooling all the way to the kitchen cupboard. We have found a veritable smorgasbord of Pinterest accounts for your masticating pleasure, but in our race to secure the most delectable if we have missed out your account or your favorite, please let us know so we can add them.

1 – ONEHOTSHOT71   –

Pinner Rachy found us when she started following the MyDishPins account and we adored her pins immediately. She has so many wonderful ideas and with over 57,000 pins she isn’t afraid to share them with you.

Our fav boards are: Airfryer Recipes / Appetizers Anyone & Magic Bread

2 – Big Girls. Small Kitchen

This account offers a “recipe guide for twenty-something cooks looking for user-friendly, affordable ways to navigate their kitchens”. It ranges from indulgent desserts, an entire board set aside for the love of brussel sprouts and a burger devotion board. Definately a worth a few minutes of your time.

Our fav boards are: Vegetarian / Indulgences & Small Kitchen College Recipes

3.  CarOlina  –

Filled with a variation of very beautiful things, this board is a place of contemplation, food devotion and ‘white things’. The account covers mostly sweets and gelato and is so perfect you would think it had been pinned by an angel. Take a look and let us know if you feel the same way, its a pretty tranquil place to be if you are stressed.

Our fav boards are: Celebrations / gelato & cicchetti

4. Sneh Roy | Cook Republic

Pinned by a “Designer, Food Photographer, Stylist, Storyteller, Cook”, this board offers some neat cooking insights, Gluten free information and cute illustrated recipes. The Eat board is an assault on the senses, the colour and beauty of these dishes will leave you breathless.

Our fav boards are: Illustrated recipes / Fresh!! & Vegetarian

5. How Sweet Eats

Pinned by the Writer of the food blog How Sweet Eats and whose blood runs neon (her words) these boards are full to bursting with delicious ideas. It is littered with inspiration from food styling to How-to guides and the ‘how sweet it is blog recipes board might even send you into a pizza frenzy. (you have been warned)

Our fav boards are: Cake & Cupcakes / Most Pinned Recipes & Food Styling.

6.  Whole Foods

Run by the world’s leader in natural & organic foods you can imagine that these boards have something really special. They cover a whole range of ideas from creative condiments to tomato focused recipes.

Our fav boards are: Concocting Condiments / Who Wants Dinner & Strawberry Season

7. Veganfamrecipes

We found this board by pure chance and it is magical, so many colourful, delicious looking vegan inspirations. From healthy recipes to wonderful chocolatey desserts, this board has it all. You might even find yourself stocking up on tomatoes just to make some of these fantastic dishes like Quick Heirloom Tomato Focaccia and tomato frico cups.

Our fav boards: Sweet Vegan Orgasms / Step by Step Vegan Recipes & Vegan for Kids.

8. Citrus & Candy

If you have a phobia of chocolate, i would stay well away from this account. The second you hit the page, you are smothered in dark rich chocolate sauce and sprinkles. It is an indulgence simply looking at these boards, the Food Photography + Styling board makes your eyes water and the Sweet, Sugary, Naughty board is exactly as it sounds. If you are hungry or are trying to stay off sugary treats this is NOT the board for you.

Our fav boards are: Sweet, Sugary, Naughty / Food Photography + Styling & Delicious Savouries.

9. Love and Lemons

Ran by blogger Jeanine Donofrio, this board is jam packed with feasts for the eyes. The boards cover a range of healthy snacks and meals, Gluten free eating, a neat range of cocktails and foods for all year round. The Love and Lemons boards are truly beautiful with lovingly prepared meals that are as painstakingly neat as they are delicious looking.

Our fav boards are: Love and Lemons / Spring Food & Gluten Free

10.  – Sweet Basil

Created by a writer and recipe developer these boards cover some interesting ideas from various uses for Avocado to cool Dip recipes. The Sweet Basil board as some beautifully imaginative ideas in a range or sweet and savoury solutions and the range of Avocado recipes has to be a world record.

Our fav boards are: avocado-ers / cakes brownies and bars & Dip Recipes

Bonus Board

MyDishPins –

We have some very quirky boards on our account, following some of the latest food trends that were discussed in the MyDish office.

Our fav MyDish boards: Rainbow Foods / Waffles & Coffee Art