Vegetable Recipes

We all know the importance of getting your five-a-day and by swatting up on some of these vegetable recipes, you won"t have any trouble reaching this target! A vegetable recipe can be ideal for a vegetarian, a perfect accompaniement for any main course, an adult starter or a simple way to get kids to eat more vegetables.

With so many vegetables available to us there are vegetable recipes for every type of vegetable imagineable from the humble potato and a delicious Potato Gratin to the more exotic artichoke and this lovely Artichoke Soup. Root vegetable recipes are generally more popular for winter whilst salad vegetables are a firm summer favourite, there is a vegetable recipe for all seasons.

By exploring our vegetable salad recipes, like this Roast Vegetable Salad, or Vegetable Soup or even vegetable stew recipes like Marks Winter Vegetable Stew or Vegetable Curry recipes like this fabulous Vegetable Curry by Curry Nick - you will never look at the vegetable the same again!