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Worm Fairy Cakes Recipe at MyDish

Worm Fairy Cakes

Lovely iced fairy cakes with a worm on top... Yum

AvatarBy RosalindS

Witches Finger Biscuits Recipe at MyDish

Witches Finger Biscuits

Gruesome biccies for kids to decorate , keep by the door on Halloween

AvatarBy lumpy

Spooky Shortbread Recipe at MyDish

Spooky Shortbread

These are so simple, but absolutely delicious! We have some halloween cookie cutters we use to make spooky bis

AvatarBy couteaux

Spider Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe at MyDish

Spider Chocolate Cupcakes

Chocolate cupcakes or fairy cakes great recipe to decorate with kids

AvatarBy chef2b

Scary Pop Tarts Recipe at MyDish

Scary Pop Tarts

Basic dough, strawberry conserve and some scary creativity

AvatarBy carol savag

Easy Meringues - Halloween  Recipe at MyDish

Easy Meringues - Halloween Ghosts

I often make these at Halloween for my children to decorate into ghosts! You need a piping bag to make these r

AvatarBy Nicky G

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