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Lasagne Recipe

Arguably the best and most popular Italian pasta dish, lasagne is a layered pasta dish combining alternate flat layers of pasta with ground beef and a white cheese sauce. Many different and delicious versions of lasagne exist from classic vegetarian lasagne to a fish based lasagne like Tuna Lasagne. The versatility of lasagne may possibly explain it"s popularity as clearly there is a lasagne recipe to cater for all and every taste preferance.

Lasagne or Lasagna (American spelling) recipes generally provide a hearty and versatile meal that is a good way of helping to get your five-a-day witout breaking the bank. A recipe for lasagna can be tailored to suit your tastes with plenty of delicious vegetable lasagne ideas to choose from or a more traditional recipe for lasagna using ground beef or lamb and plenty of richly flavoured tomato and cheese sauce.

There are so many tasty recipe ideas to enjoy from whether you fancy a  vegetarian lasagne with suggestions for creamy butternut squash, spinch and melting mozzerella, or the more traditional meat dishes such as beef or chicken lasagna.

For rich and creamy vegetarian lesagna try out the classic spinach and ricotta lasagne - packed full of iron and a delicious way to warm up your winter evenings.

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Beef Lasagne image

Beef Lasagne

By Peter Jones

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Tuna Lasagne image

Tuna Lasagne

By tom savage

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chicken lasagna image

chicken lasagna

By brooky

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Seafood Lasagne image

Seafood Lasagne

By Pasta Lover

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Bacon Lasagne image

Bacon Lasagne

4 star image

By Users Recipes

Lasagne can be made with different meats or even vegetarian but this bacon variety is extremely tasty

Spinach Lasagne image

Spinach Lasagne

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By St Helen's Farm

Ever wanted to make Lasagne? Well, here's how to do it, using goat's milk to give a unique flavour.

Vegetable Lasagne image

Vegetable Lasagne

3 star image

By Smiler Family

Making children eat vegetables is often a chore but they are nicely hidden in this recipe which your kids will love.

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