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Tip - Freezing Egg Whites

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  • If you have a recipe that only requires egg yolks and you don't want to use the egg whites straight away (or within a couple of days from the fridge), tip each one into a small plastic pot with a lid and pop it in the freezer. You can then remove the frozen egg white disc (pouring some hot water over the back of the pot helps) when needed, or wrap it in cling film and put it back in the freezer. Then you can use the pot again! I keep a bag of egg white discs in the freezer, so when I have a recipe that calls for them, I don't need to crack any eggs and find a use for the egg yolks*. Freezing them individually makes it easier to keep track of how many you have - if a recipe calls for 3 egg whites, just defrost 3 discs!
  • Pop the disc(s) in a bowl to defrost for a couple of hours before using (or leave in the fridge overnight)- they are as good as new!
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    • * If I do, I usually make pastry, which can be kept in the fridge or frozen if not needed straight away / custard / ice cream / natillas. I have a white chocolate and cranberry cookie recipe on here that uses the egg yolk only, and which are a favourite of ours. I also have a book with a chocolate pot recipe that uses yolks only. Hollandaise sauce and BĂ©arnaise sauce also require just the yolks.

      Egg white recipe ideas:
      Meringues (see my recipe) - and therefore Pavlova / Eton Mess
      Chocolate mousse (see my recipe for baked chocolate mousse)
      Hazelnut cake (see my recipe) and Dacquoise sponges
      Raspberry souffles (see my recipe)
      Marshmallows (see my recipe)
      Nougat (see my recipe)
      Almond meringue jam slices (see my recipe)
      Orange and almond bite sized biscuits (see my recipe)
      Angel Food Cake (see my recipes - plain and chocolate orange)
      Financiers (see my recipe for Raspberry jam financier cupcakes)
      Friands (see my recipe)
      Langues de chat biscuits (see my recipe)
      Beaconhill bites (see my recipe)
      Peppermint creams (see my recipe)
      Swiss meringue buttercream (see my recipe)
      Spicy leek pancakes (see my recipe)
      Macarons (see my recipe using the simple French meringue method)
      Macaroons (several recipes on Mydish)
      Some sorbets require egg whites (including recipes on Mydish)
      Marshmallow teacakes
      Egg whites are used to clarify a consommé

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    • I should have said to add a little pinch of sugar instead of salt when freezing egg yolks if you know they will be used for sweet recipes, and label accordingly.

      by Love Baking on Fri Jul 13 2012   reply to this comment

    • Hi Cocinero. I really recommend it. Egg yolks don't freeze as well in my experience. You can do it and it works better if you add a little pinch of salt and a splash of water but I tend to use them up instead, as above. Personally I tend to use more yolks than whites, and make meringues etc. once I've got a stash in the freezer. If you tend to use more whites though, it's worth giving the frozen yolks a go.

      by Love Baking on Thu Jul 12 2012   reply to this comment

    • Good idea I've never had the courage to try it before I always make something with 'em. Posted to the 'new recipes' good idea too.rather than tip section on the recipe.Can it be done with the yolks?

      by cocinero on Thu Jul 12 2012   reply to this comment


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    Not a recipe but a tip that I have shared with lots of friends who have found it really useful so I thought it may be helpful here too.