About Us

When my husband’s mother Maureen passed away he came home with two scraps of paper with her hand written recipes – Banana Bread and Lemon Meringue Pie. He said that every time he tasted these dishes it reminded him of herand of being a young boy.

The world is full of people whose families have great recipes that have been treasured and fine-tuned over generations. Most of these are written on scraps of paper fading with time, on bits of paper stuffed into recipe books or kept in your head and perfected each time you make it.

We created MyDish to ensure that the thousands of recipes like these would have their own safe place, a place where they could be passed on to and enjoyed by fellow food lovers who in turn would share their own time-honoured recipes with you.

Whether you are looking to share the best recipe for brownies the world has ever known or simply to be inspired in the kitchen, MyDish has something for foodies everywhere. You can join groups which bring together food lovers in a shared appreciation of the finest ingredients and best cookery techniques or simply communicate and share your recipes with friends and family.

We have created a space where you can search for any tried and tested home recipe, in a vast range of categories and cuisines. Organise your own personal recipes into one place accessible from anywhere and rate, review and add tips to other's recipes. Here at MyDish we want to keep your recipes alive in a place where people care about them just as much as you do.

The team behind MyDish:

Jason White
'Big Cheese'

Carol Savage

The 'A' Team
Our team, comprising of Writers, Marketeers, Developers and General all round good eggs.

We have a great board of advisers and non executives including John Bates our Chairman and of course,Deborah Meaden, one of our board advisers.